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My amateur pantyhose model Ana

Ana 41

 Ana fovorities pantyhose brand Gatta

For those who are not at all familiar with the Gatta brand and their products, a proper introduction is in order.
Gatta is an Eastern European Brand, owned by Ferax company and has been manufacturing and selling a wide variety of high quality hosiery and apparel, for women, men and children for over twenty years. High quality tights, leggings, stockings for women, men and children, and recently added collections of bodyware that are manufactured in Poland and sold all across Europe.
Years of intensive development and investment in modern machinery have resulted in Gatta becoming the leader in hosiery industry. Now the company owns and operates one of the largest and most modern factories in Europe and Austalia.
The company's primary goal is to satisfy our customer's needs by annually expanding our range of products, always enriching our collections with new varieties, designs and patterns.
Gatta Hosiery website represents the Gatta Brand in Unites States and is the only official website to sell genuine Gatta products to US customers.
  For some reason, I always figured that Gatta was an Italian hosiery brand and that it was an ancient one. Well, it turned out it’s neither of those. Gatta is Polish and the company behind the operation, FERAX was founded in 1993, which makes Gatta a member of the ‘new wave’ of hosiery manufacturers in Eastern/Central Europe. Unlike some of the other hosiery makers from the region though, Gatta have conquered a much bigger market world-over, through the quality and exquisite design of their products. 
While some pantyhose makers seem to stick to a few basic and proven styles, Gatta roll out a huge and diverse collection every season, which makes shopping at their online outlet quite an experience indeed. These guys always seem to have a nice surprise up their sleeves and that is apparently a great way to make customers return.

Technology-wise, the company has come a long way since 1993. Investments into state of the art machinery have paid good dividends and the company can currently be regarded one of the top European pantyhose manufacturers. With success came a branching-out effort into other product ranges. Currently, Gatta Collant – the pantyhose range of the company, has been joined by Gatta Bodywear, Gatta Cottoline, Gatta Active and Gatta Underwear for men. 

All the largest urban centers in Poland boast a Gatta brand shop, which means that the company has more than 100 product outlets in Poland alone. The international expansion of the Gatta brand was focused mainly on the EU and Russia, but Gatta pantyhose have reached as far as Australia. 
Whether or not Gatta plan to make a US-ward move too is unclear, however, given the disparity in the popularity of various hosiery pieces in the US and Europe, combined with the shipping costs, such a move is probably unlikely in the near future. US-based customers can in the meantime purchase Gatta products in some of the online hosiery shops which carry the brand. 

Gatta have received the Consumer’s Golden Laurel trophy 5 times in Poland, in appreciation of the reliability and high quality of the products they market. 
For more information on the Gatta brand, take a look at Don’t be intimidated by the language: the site is available in English too.

Matte, snug-fitting tights with a stylish geometrical tribal pattern. Made with a T-shaped reinforced panty and toes for day-long comfort.

95% Polyamide, 5% Elastane (Lycra).

Opaque, trendy tights with an art-deco checkered pattern and a luxuriously soft feel for the most fashion-conscious. Made with a sheer panty, reinforced gusset and invisibly reinforced toe for added comfort. 40 Denier.

92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane (Lycra).

Soft, luxurious tights with a structured cross-hatch patterm all over. Made with an invisible panty and reinforced gusset and toes for added comfort. 50 Denier.

90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane (Lycra).

Warm Cotton tights with a monochrome zig-zag along the side of the leg. Made  with a reinforced gusset and invisibly reinforced toes.

82% Cotton, 12% poliamide, 4% polipropylen, 2% Elastane (Lycra).

Elegant and feminine sheer tights with an assymetrical alluring patern along the side of the leg. Made with a reinforced T-shaped panty and sandal toes. 20 Denier.

88% Polyamide, 12% Elastane (Lycra).

Sheer and extremely daring tights with a wide fishnet-braid stripe on the front of the legs. Made with a reinforced T-shaped panty and invisiblly reinforced toe. 20 Denier.

90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane (Lycra).

My amateur model in pantyhose Nada

Nada 49

Nada fovorities pantyhose brand Gerbe

Founded in 1904 by Stéphane Gerbe, Manufacture GERBE, located in Saint Vallier in the south of Burgundy (France), has succeeded in maintaining over the years its values and traditions, which have made and still make it renowned. The manufactory, which has recently been labelled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Français”, has seen a succession of ups and downs throughout its history… but mostly a myriad of tights and stockings. For over a century now, the brand has grown to become a legend in the world of hosiery.

Manufacture GERBE, which has remained a family business for many years, has experienced the hardships and setbacks of the ownership of financial institutions, with a number of changes in the leadership and recurring judicial restructurings. Since 2003 and after these numerous upheavals, the manufactory raises up and regains stability under the direction of Alain Regad, who became its owner through the company Rhovyl.

With its unrivalled know how for over a hundred years now, GERBE devotes to offer its customers very high quality products. That’s why the major part of the yarns that are used to knit the tights and stockings are produced within Rhovyl. This allows the Manufacture a total control of its supply chain. Today, more than ever, Manufacture GERBE and its “petites mains” are the centerpiece of the brand and the pride of their President. The brand GERBE has built its reputation for excellence on essential values, which still contributes to its success and continuity: a traditional and artisanal manufacturing 100% made in France, a unique “Savoir Faire”, but also exclusive material choices and a hand made “Haute Couture” confection providing unmatchable comfort.
Manufacture GERBE is one of the last few tights and stockings manufacturers in France. More than one hundred persons are working in the site of Saint Vallier to perpetuate with passion this French art of confection. Manufacture GERBE has remained true to its traditions and has maintained its artisanal know how while renewing itself thanks to a relevant stylistic research and a very high attendance in the world of fashion.

Constantly innovating, GERBE offers high technical products while combining skillfully comfort and aesthetic. Its quest for excellence goes far to chromatic researches to achieve, for instance, the ETHNIC COLOURS 15 range featuring shades that sublimate women’s legs and perfectly fit to any skin tones: European, African, and Asian… Tights are not just fashion accessories anymore; they turn into a perfect make up.
The arrival of the new artistic director in 2010, Margot Van Huijkelom, has definitely marked the artistic renewal of GERBE. A complete overhaul of the collection and colour ranges, new visuals resolutely fashionable, a more modern corporate image… Nothing has been left behind. GERBE stockings and tights are intended for all women who want to feel valued with a sense of fashion, comfort and elegance and particularly women who aspire to wear high quality products.

Communication becomes a very essential lever and emphasis is placed on press relations and the brand international exposure. To build a renown abroad and strengthen its international coverage, GERBE actively participates in several international trade fairs, allowing the brand to create many valuable contacts and to help creating close links with its existing customers. GERBE is present at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris, CurveNY in New York, CurveNV in Las Vegas, MODA Lingerie & Swimwear in Birmingham, Mode City in Paris, Mode In France in Tokyo, CPM in Moscow, Première Classe in Paris, Shanghai Mode Lingerie…
Since 2010, GERBE works in partnership with the Parisian designer Gaspard Yurkievich who was recently named among the ten world’s most influential fashion designer and proposes a very creative and offbeat alternative collection to its annual collection. Both have been working together for their second joint collection.

The brand is requested by important couture and luxury names for various partnerships or to accessorize catwalk events. GERBE tights are spotted on many podiums such as Gaspard Yurkievich one of course, Balenciaga, Jean Paul Gaultier, Guy Laroche, Pedro Lourenço…
Firmly rooted in the fashion world, GERBE has imposed its own codes and stands out from its competitors whilst offering high-end luxury items that meet the current requirements of a fast changing market.

Manufacture GERBE has always created outstanding products for outstanding women. GERBE stockings and tights are the perfect reflect of women of yesterday and tomorrow: sensual and elegant, but modern and audacious as well.

Gerbe - Opaque plus size tights Extreme 40 denier"
Plus size tights in trendy colors - Opaque mat plus size tights, 40 denier appearance. Combination of comfort with softness. Wide front and back comfort panel.
91% polyamide, 9% elastan

Gerbe - Exclusive openwork pattern tights Palais Royal
Hidden talents?Openworks such as British embroidery evoke the very contemporary Buren Columns or the hide and seek parties in the cour dhonneur of the Palais Royal?
93% polyamide, 6% elastane, 1% silk 
Available sizes: 1/XS, 2/S, 3/M, 4/L, 5/XL
Available colors:

Product information "Gerbe - Exclusive flower pattern tights Grand Hotel"
Sublime vision?Like baroque inspired wallpaper, some majestic roses with a velvet appearance reveal themselves on a tulle background and unveil their splendor in a highly theatrical way.
88% polyamide, 11% elastane, 1% silk 
Available sizes: 1/XS, 2/S, 3/M, 4/L
Available colors:

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My amateur model in pantyhose Milanka

Milanka 47

Milanka faworite pantyhose brand-Levante


Levante hosiery, socks & bodywear are distributed exclusively in Australia & NZ by the Ambra Corporation. For nearly 20 years, Levante has been a market leader in innovation and quality in the Australian legwear category.
Positioned at the upper end of the market, Levante is recognized for offering everyday luxury to the discerning hosiery consumer. With its hallmark features of Italian knitting yarn technologies, the Levante brand is unsurpassed in Australia for innovation, style and quality. Levante Italy prides itself on its technological sophistication and efficiency, total quality management and ability to incorporate all stages of production internally, ensuring an end product to meet the highest consumer standards globally

  • - 100 Denier
  • - 70% Wool Stockings
  • - 6cm Plain Top
  • - Reinforced Toe

These delightfully soft, 100 denier, wool stockings mix cosy and sexy sophistication. Wrap up whilst maintaining the wearing experience of suspenders with these 70% wool, 7cm plain top, reinforced toe, matte finish stockings. A must try this winter from luxury, Italian hosiery brand Levante. 70% Wool 15% Polyamide 15% Lycra

My amateur legs tights model Nadezda and Julia

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