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Sandals female fetish

High-heeled sandals are a versatile and stylish choice for summer as they reveal and enhance the beauty of a woman's legs. They can be worn both for a daytime look and for a night out with your friends. Before buying a pair of high-heeled sandals, you should first find out what type of heel offers you enough comfort and in the same time flatters your figure.

 Your capris will look amazing with a pair of high-heeled sandals.
 For a daytime outfit, match your high-heeled sandals with a pair of high-waist flared pants or a pair of straight cut pants. Avoid this type of sandals if you are going shopping or you have to walk all day long.
 For the evening, opt for a straight cut dress and accessorize it with a clutch. You don’t have to use too many accessories and jewelry as high-heels are enough to feminize your silhouette. For a goddess look you should go for an airy, sheer long dress and a pair of versatile strapy sandals.
 For a wild night out, choose a sweet baby-doll dress and pair it with your high-heeled sandals
 Choose a neutral color to your sandals so they could match to your outfits that don't belong to a certain color scheme.
 Generally, you should match your to your t-shirt or top.
 If your sandals are flashy like electric blue, apple green or cherry red, you should go for plainer, sober outfits in related colors. Highlight your blue sandals by matching them to a pair of straight cut jeans and a white top.
 If you have black or bronze sandals, you should’t’ worry as they work with everything.
 If your sandals have straps at the ankles, you can emphasize this detail by wearing a short skirt.

 As long as your legs look good and you have a pedicure feel free to wear your gold sandals without stockings. If your
legs are white apply a little bronzer so they look tanned. It is not up to date to wear stockings with sandals.
If you want a more polished look you can wear sheer stockings with a closed toe pump or slingback style shoe with your black dress.

 White looks wonderful with silver, whether in spring, summer or fall. Off-white works for cooler weather. If you wear casual silver shoes, white jeans, pants, skirt or casual cotton dress will all look good with them. If you're wearing a formal white or off-white dress, silver heeled sandals will look good. Just make sure that, if you wear nylons, they're the sandal-toe variety (without the darker, reinforced toe that will detract from your look). In warm weather, you may opt for a no-stocking look.
Black is another color that works well with silver shoes. Unlike white, black clothing provides more contrast and will look more dramatic.
Other colors that look good with silver shoes include bright red, light gray, charcoal gray, deep purple, burgundy and indigo. Choose deeper shades for cool weather and pale colors for warm weather.
Your clothing should be a solid color instead of brightly patterned when wearing silver shoes. Keep these bright shoes the focus of your outfit.
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Leggings for sexy look

he current leggings trend isn't the easiest one to wear. Don't be one of the reasons why leggings have a bad name - a few easy guidelines will help you look fantastic in this versatile little garment.

 Outside of home or the gym, don't wear leggings as pants, without another garment which covers the buttocks. Although opinion varies, many fashion and style guides warn that this is generally viewed as tacky.
 When wearing leggings, don't show too much thigh if you are a larger woman, or if you are in the over-40s age group. Watch how others in your age group and with a similar body shape are using leggings, and decide whether it looks flattering - or whether it's better to opt for crop pants or jeans that create a smooth, fitted line on the leg, without that skin-tight cling. If you are in these categories and do choose leggings, always use them under a garment which falls to the mid-thigh or lower, and you can still enjoy this trend.
 If you are thinking of wearing leggings to work, first be sure that this is acceptable in your workplace and that the more trendy styles such as this are not thought of as too casual. Generally, leggings are a garment for casual, relaxed styles, so they should be avoided in situations where the atmosphere should be dignified or businesslike. There may be exceptions to this rule depending on how they are worn, for example if they look more like black tights under dressy boots and a buisiness like skirt. For these situations, get the opinions of others who can tell you what definitely is or isn't appropriate.
 Always keep in mind the usual guidelines used to create tasteful outfits. Many articles and videos can be found online covering these topics - some examples are dressing age-appropriately, dressing for your shape and size, and avoiding color or pattern clashes. For more information, try the links at the end of this article.
 Plain, dark colored leggings are easy to wear, easy to pair, and can be worn by the largest number of women. But what about some of the trickier options?
Lighter colours can work well for many slimmer women, but might be best avoided if you are quite heavy in your lower half, and don't want to draw attention to this.
The most difficult leggings are patterned leggings, very bright-coloured leggings, lace leggings, and liquid leggings. They can easily look very busy, or draw too much attention to larger figures. It may be best to stay away from these options unless you look around 30 or under, and are quite slim. They are a fun trend which may date very quickly and are harder to wear well.
 One of the easiest looks for leggings is a long top which loosely falls to the upper thigh or lower. Some of the current tops which work well this way are long boyfriend tees, tops with an empire waist, or the wrap/Oriental style tops which fit the bust then fall loosely. As long as they cover the bottom, almost any long top which falls fairly loosely can look great with leggings, especially with a waist belt or an interesting long necklace.
 Skirts and dresses that fall anywhere between the upper thigh and knee can also work very easily with leggings. There is almost no limit to what kind of skirts or dresses will look good when worn this way, as long as you follow the major rules as described above. Many women especially love the look of a shift dress, shirt dress, or loose wrap dress and belt with leggings.
 When it comes to warmer layers to add to the outfit, the good news is that almost all of the current jackets, cardigans, ponchos or sweaters will work well. This is provided that you still have either the warm top layer or another layer covering the buttocks.
 One of the best casual looks with leggings is ballet flats or mary-jane style flats. Flat dressy sandals are also a great option with leggings - the gladiator sandals or Roman sandals are a good example. If you are a young woman, some of the current plimsoll sneakers and canvas shoes are a good casual look with leggings. However, ordinary running shoes with leggings is strictly an outfit for exercise.
Speaking of the 80's - If you wear high heels or pumps with leggings, you will instantly be transported back there. Many young women are happy to embrace this trend for a night out; Wear at your own risk, and don't come crying to me if you regret it when this trend disappears. Women in an older age group are better off staying away from this look.

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