Monday, December 11, 2017

Colour pantyhose tights

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 If you still think that colored pantyhose is an object from the wardrobe of small girls or young schoolgirls, we hasten to disprove you: women's colored pantyhose is a super-trend that allows adding a bright note to any, even the most reserved outfit.

 The myth that colorful and fantasy pantyhose can only be worn by those who possess perfectly even and slender legs has been debunked for a long time - properly selected tights can visually make your legs more elegant. About what to wear colored pantyhose, how to choose the right shades and how to correct small defects of a figure with the help of figures and textures, read in our article.

 Color monochrome tights: we combine correctly

No matter how strict your style of clothes, do not limit yourself exclusively to corporal and black versions: the first has long been a real "anti-trend" and fell out of favor with all stylists, while the latter may treacherously emphasize the uneven legs. Here are some tips for choosing a bright accessory:

If you do not dare to bright colors and just started trying on a trendy trend, choose quiet, reserved shades: chocolate, graphite, gray, terracotta, bottle green, dark blue.

 The more dense and matte will be women's colored pantyhose, the more expensive and stylish your image will be, moreover, it is these models that build and hide the small flaws of your legs. Colored pantyhose, precisely selected in the shade of shoes (shoes or ankle boots) can visually make your legs longer. Very beautiful look color tights of blue, burgundy, reddish-brown, gray in combination with suede shoes of the same shade.

 Black monophonic dress in combination with black shoes - such a restrained set will be an excellent background for experiments with color. Finish the image of a small accessory in the tone of stockings: handbag, belt, necklace or brooch.

 An interesting effect can be obtained by combining women's colored pantyhose with clothes decorated with ornaments. Choose the tights of one of the shades of the ornament of your dress.

 Do not choose the main shade in the ornament: let your pantyhose "support" the color of the small elements of the outfit - the outfit will be more complex and interesting.

 Fashionable style solution, which is often found in the photo in fashion blogs: combine in one tone pantyhose and skirt. Purple, brown, gray, muffled-red are the favorites of the upcoming season.

 Wear women's colored pantyhose in tone to a knitted top or turtleneck. Complete the set with a skirt, jacket or jacket and shoes with a stable heel - an outfit for a walk on a warm autumn day is ready

For "advanced" bearers of colored tights, there are several ideas of their fashionable sound: try to wear color-blocking - combine three colors in one outfit(top, skirt or shorts and tights). Successful color combinations look for outfit of fashionable bloggers. Try and color total-look, combining tights with clothes and shoes of the same shade.

Colour pantyhose tights

fashion tights skirt dress high heels  If you still think that colored pantyhose is an object from the wardrobe of small girls or yo...