Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Opaque Tight

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 Finally, everyone has come to the desired spring and warm, fair days! Women and girls already dream of renewing their wardrobe, adding bright, cheerful colors, cheerful and cheerful colors to it. And, of course, fashionable shades.

And the fashionable colors of the warm season this year, as the designers say, will be the most diverse and interesting colors: wine, orange, turquoise and blue, caramel and fuchsia, bright yellow and snow-white. That's what a beautiful spring awaits us! But it is very important - to keep the balance, not to cross the line from taste to vulgarity, and not to overdo the choice and combination of colors.
 Clothes for the feet also change their mood. More often in the spring ladies prefer bright multi-colored tights, or beige, body colors. But this season designers propose to radically change the "color of the legs" and move from brightness to dark opaque pantyhose, which balance the combination of such sometimes incompatible colors that will be in vogue this spring.
 The most favorite color in the current season for famous beautiful ladies - ANGELINA JOLIE, KATE MIDDLETON, JESSICA ALBA - is a black velvety. These stars were one of the first to shine with fashionable outfits of black velvet. Clothes for the feet also supported a trendy trend of black color. Hosiery brands of European countries create their collections according to fashion: they produce tights of opaque opaque color with a black velvet shade. The dark gray, dark blue and dark brown shade is also considered to be actual.

 Pay attention to the most fashionable combination of colors in the clothes of this spring:

Colored shoes and black opaque pantyhose that shade with their deep background the brightness of the shoes, which looks very stylish and attractive! It is very important in this situation to choose the right clothes competently. Let the clothes also be bright and colorful, better for the color of shoes, and opaque pantyhose will connect the brightness and diversity of your outfit.
 And how wonderful looking light, white and beige dresses in combination with opaque pantyhose! A fascinating variant is a dark bottom and a light top. It's from the classics. Light air translucent dress with an opaque bottom. Very stylish look flying fashionable transparent skirts with dark pantyhose. Elegant and charming!
 Juicy clothes and fashionable shoes in tone!

It is perfect to combine all the most fashionable colors - orange, fuchsia, yellow, wine - with elegant black color. And against the background of opaque dark legs, your motley dress will be very effective. For visual lengthening of legs it is possible to combine with black pantyhose also black shoes. It will look good suede.
 If you want romance and elegance, then jeans can easily be replaced with opaque pantyhose this spring. Another important plus of black opaque pantyhose is an impeccable option for legs of any shape, both slender and not very, because tight dark pantyhose conceals the volume and flaws of the legs, and in combination with black shoes on the heel, visually lengthen the legs.
 Choosing tights for yourself, give preference to models more expensive, because they are better, do not slip, do not tighten, do not tear and do not gather in creases. And they pull in the stomach too much.

High quality collection of such brands as FALKE and Wolford. They are created from the best materials, have no seams, but have a remarkable quality of weaving. Here it can be argued that the price determines the quality. The more expensive thing will lie evenly on the leg, will not overtake the stomach, but will help create a beautiful silhouette. These pantyhose have a softer belt, they are comfortable and will last longer than a cheap option.
 Many great women preferred opaque quality tights from FALKE Pure Matt (this is both singer Rihanna and Duchess Middleton Keith). And there are some very glorious matt-colored pantyhose in Europe from Wolford - Mat Opaque and Velvet De Luxe, which are created from a wonderful velvet high-quality material.

Opaque Tight

fashion tights skirt dress high heels  Finally, everyone has come to the desired spring and warm, fair days! Women and girls already d...