Sunday, October 4, 2015

My amateur pantyhose model Natasa

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If your legs are cold put a pair of stockings on

For goodness sakes, if your legs are cold put some tights or stockings on.  Frostbite isn’t worth being trendy.  Besides, with all the options that expand past a classic pair of nude nylons, if trend is important, you can wear a pair of opaque tights.  In fact, they even make fleece lined tights now and companies, like Uniqlo, make tights that hold in heat and keep you warm.
I feel about wearing stockings like I do breastfeeding an infant– while there may be a lot of outside pressure to breastfeed a mother has to make her own decision.  The same goes for wearing stockings.

How to choose a stockings and tights color

Let’s start with classic nylons and stockings.  While it is okay to have an emergency drugstore pair, if you don’t want you legs to look like they are made of wood, go for better quality.  If you are looking for ultra-sheer, Falke makes hard-to-see stockings.  Other brands that are very sheer are Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Wolford.
When it comes to color I’d stick to opaque tights, unless you are purchasing black sheers and, in this case, I’d go for an off-black over a true black, which is slightly lighter and more leg flattering.  I don’t think there is a woman on the planet who needs to own a white pair of stockings, just like I don’t think there is a woman on the planet who needs to own a  white bra.  So you can cross that color off your list.

Moving into colored tights, right now they are very trendy.  To choose color, what I would suggest is that you look at the predominant colors in your wardrobe.  For example, my wardrobe is brown and grey based so I have several pairs of brown and grey tights.  Having no reason for black tights I don’t own any. You can never go wrong with neutral tights.
Moving into colors beyond basic neutrals, this is where you can make a fashion statement, however, I still suggest proceeding with caution because once you move into color you’re creating a focal point with your tights.  If your legs are heavy or short, stick with darker and richer tights, like eggplant, burgundy, navy and hunter green.  If you want to make more of a statement you can go for brighter colors but be sure you know which shoes you’ll wear with them.  This is why sticking with richer, opaque tights shades are the best way to go as these richer colors will work better with a dark pair of shoes.  If your tights are too light or bright your leg won’t look as seamless in them, because a break between your feet and legs will be created, which can potentially make your legs look shorter and heavier.
My favorite tights brand is Spanx Tight-End shaping tights in their high-waist style.  I like them for a few reasons.  First, these tights are basically indestructible.  I have had one pair for several years and I have actually put them in the dryer and they’ve held up. Secondly, I like the high-waist feature because they create a seamless line over my tummy.  When tights are too short an unflattering bulge can get created over the waistline of the tights.  With Spanx Tight-End high-waist tights you get the tights and shapewar in one.  I like efficiency and I don’t like wasting money on anything that falls apart after one wear