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Boots with pantyhose tights outfit

fashion tights skirt dress high heels

 Boots can be worn with both black and skin color pantyhose. Often women can not understand with which pantyhose it is necessary to wear high boots. Everything is simple enough, because there are no open legs that require special knowledge. You can wear pantyhose flesh-colored, and you can choose the same color as the boots. In the first case, you will achieve the effect of naturalness, so choose pantyhose without shine, the most appropriate shade of your skin. In the second case, you visually extend your legs and make them more slender. Pantyhose should be quite dense, because thin are more for summer time of year.

 The cold wind of the autumn-winter period places its limitations on the femininity of the image and increases the number of "trouser days". And you want to wear a fashionable skirt and show off beautiful boots. The right choice of warm pantyhose is very important for women of fashion who want to preserve the femininity of the image in winter and simultaneously feel comfort and warmth.

 Simple tips on the compatibility of shoes and pantyhose.
1. It is better not to combine gray pantyhose and black shoes. Most often it looks boring. For gray pantyhose is better to choose shoes of the same color. This course lengthens the legs visually. Similarly, we choose black shoes for the black color of pantyhose.
2. High boots can be worn with flesh colored bodily shoes (moderately dense, without shine, natural color) or with black pantyhose. Thus the legs will appear slimmer.
3.If there is a desire to pick up the colorful pantyhose, then clothes and shoes should better be monophonic, discreet.
4. One-tonne pantyhose of medium density can be combined with bright shoes - boots, boots or ankle boots.

 Pantyhose with long boots
Dense or moderate density.
Better without drawing (it does not make sense).
Color of pantyhose: we will refrain from corporal, it is better to choose the shade of shoes, bright colors are permissible (if the rest of the style requires it).
There is no universal recipe, only fitting and a sober view of one's style can prompt the right choice.

pantyhose tights outfit teen girl

fashion tights skirt dress high heels
 All the drawings are soft and feminine, they give the impression of a special refinement. Gentle pantyhose with tattoos - the choice of young girls who want to always be on top and strive for primacy.

 Many of today's moms wore pantyhose in their own childhood, because nothing else was simply impossible to buy. But today the situation has changed dramatically, and the market presents all kinds of tights for girls that are suitable for any occasion. Young fashionista needs both multi-colored and one-color models. Tights for teenagers are also subject to strict requirements: the models should not only be comfortable and beautiful, they should fully correspond to fashion trends, giving the grown-up charmers an opportunity to look bright and stylish.
 Pantyhose with imitation stocking
Women have long understood that stockings are not only a comfortable and warming attribute of clothing, but also a beautiful addition to the created image. Stockings miraculously modify the legs, make perfect. But, nevertheless, wearing a stocking creates a certain inconvenience for a woman and somewhat restricts her freedom. Therefore, already in the 70s of the last century, after the emergence of new synthetic fibers - nylon, in America was developed a model of the first tights, which quickly began to gain popularity. The sales of pantyhose very quickly exceeded the sale of stockings. Today, the market is full of all sorts of tights, from the simplest and cheapest, to extravagant and expensive models.

But there are still women who prefer stockings. After all, the beautiful design of their upper part can make you feel elegant and desirable. Given the circumstances and the weather, not everyone can afford to flaunt in stockings and then designers came up with a unique replacement for them - tights with stockings effect. Tights with imitation stockings are seductive and sexy. And wearing them is much more convenient, because even in bad weather they will be warmer and more comfortable than in stockings. Young girls wear such pantyhose to make their image fashionable and modern. Depending on the type of pantyhose, you can give your kind of romanticism or, conversely, add self-confidence and courage. Women, a little older, prefer to wear pantyhose with an imitation stocking in order to emphasize their femininity, be more seductive. Stockings with the effect of stockings - this is a sexy and bold detail of the clothes of girls. Given that such pantyhose is a very noticeable part of the wardrobe, you need to properly select their clothes, so as not to look defiantly vulgar.

And fantasy designers do not take part in the design of such pantyhose. The choice is unlimited! There are pantyhose with imitation of the usual classical elastic bands, lace gum, with the effect of the belt, as well as with all kinds of patterns, ornament, patterns and even with the effect of tattoos. Well, as for the color scheme here and no talk, for every taste.

For a young girl with slender legs, fantasy black pantyhose - stockings in combination with a bright fluffy skirt above the knee, in the coloring of which there are inclusions of black color.

Fantasy tights with an imitation of a white stocking personify the innocence and will be a successful addition to the elegant charming side of the bride. Delightfully will look at the graduate pantyhose-stockings of white color in combination with a light dress and shoes in one tone with them.

 To fashionable patterns on pantyhose today you can carry relief patterns, ornaments, individual drawings that have a tattoo effect, and of course the stylish decor of the tights are rhinestones, bows, sequins, lurex and stones.
 Pantyhose with a lace pattern perfectly match the evening images, harmoniously look with elegant dresses and strict skirts.

 Young girls with rebellious inclinations are invited to pay attention to the "punk" motifs: leggings covered with decorative stains, or having ripped holes. Another hit of the youth fashion - bright neon models - blue, red, orange, yellow, burgundy, pink - in one word of all possible and impossible colors!

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Pantyhose tights over 40

fashion tights skirt dress high heels

 Regardless of the time of year, a woman wants to look stylish and effective. However, after 40 years, the wardrobe should emphasize the elegance and status of a woman, without hiding her personality. And the style in the clothes of the forty-year-old woman is somewhat different from the fifty-year-old woman. The difference of 10 years plays a role. Let's consider the winter fashion for over 40
 Pants, skirts and dresses are medium in length. It is more preferable to choose natural wool. In the office will look great sarafan of suit fabric. Since under it you can wear shirts, blouses, turtlenecks, cut it should be free. Ladies over 50 years old should choose trousers, dresses and skirts, straight or semi-adjacent.
Vests of fur and fabric, jackets. They will warm up in a cool office, helping to remain a business, fashionable woman.
Knits: cardigans, sweaters, dresses, jumper. Straight cut dresses look good on any figure. Outside the office (or if the dress code allows) short knitted dresses are allowed to be worn with jeans or narrow trousers. But you need to ensure that the dress in this combination was not visible from under the outer clothing. The average length looks good with kapron tights at the beginning of the season, and with the onset of cold weather - with warm woolen. To give preference stands dark colors: gray, brown, black without openwork pattern. For women over 50, straight silhouettes of trousers and skirts are better combined with more loose cardigans and sweaters.
 Jackets can not be worn over relief embroideries. Where better in combination with them will look blouses of dense knitwear or fine wool. Fabric vests are best worn over not very voluminous clothes. But fur vests are great for thick sweaters.
To the silhouette does not turn out to be heavier and heavier, you should not wear more than two things one on top of the other (besides the outer clothing). The perfect combination is a shirt and a sweater, a cardigan and a top. But for outdoor activities in nature multi-layer kits are welcome.
Ladies over 50 can not wear pants and short dresses or tunics together. Together with the top winter clothes, this combination makes the image heavier. The ideal length of skirts and dresses is midi. Especially well look with tight pantyhose.
 40-50 years is a certain border, not allowing to use some garments that their owner does not look ridiculous. These things are few, but to reconsider your wardrobe is worth.
 Knitted skirts.
Cartoon print on sweaters, sweatshirts. Here you can also include inscriptions, images of animals, comics.
Sportswear is not suitable for the daily image. It is better to remove sweatshirts and pants before going on a picnic.
A woman of 50 years is not worth keeping in her wardrobe sweaters with a large collar (embossed binding, yoke). Hiding their necks, they create a squat image. They can be replaced with a scarf or stole, if you do not choose their one tone with a sweater and do not make complex draperies around your neck. It would be better to look if you spread the fabric over your shoulders.
In the winter, a lady over 50 should not use things in the wardrobe with a copious pattern. This is inappropriate.
 Of course, nothing emphasizes the status of women, like a fur coat or a sheepskin coat. To travel to nature, skiing is not suitable for a too large down jacket. The coat will be an excellent choice in the warm winter period.

Ladies over 50 should adhere to the length of the outer clothing from the middle of the hip to the knee. Too short options will be forgiven. Sheepskins or fur coats can be straight or fitted, with or without a belt. A fur coat of a trapezoidal silhouette is suitable for tall women. It is necessary to avoid large collars, too fanciful finishing of sleeves and hood. It looks excessive and ugly for a solid woman.

As for shoes, you should forget about the massive options (dummies, ugg boots, boots with a relief sole). Elegant shoes gives the same quality and their mistress.

Women after forty mittens should be replaced with gloves. They can be suede or leather, bright or neutral.
 Careful to be in the selection of jewelry. Thin chains are worn only on clothes with a cut and from not so dense material. On the woolen and knitted things look great suspension. But we must not forget that minimalism is welcomed in winter. Eliminate multilayer beads and heavy earrings. But an excellent addition to the woolen dress will be a bright strap that emphasizes the waist.

The color scale in winter is more restrained than in other seasons. Blue, gray, green, brown, black colors can be diluted with saturated, but not too bright shades, for example, blue, cowberry, raspberry, brick. For women of 50 years, one-color coloring, a tartan, a strip, accessories with vegetative and fantasy ornaments will suit.
 From simple things and combinations it's not at all difficult to compose the ideal wardrobe of a woman of 40 and 50 years. Accessories will help dilute the image with bright colors.

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