Thursday, July 19, 2012

Only nice dressed woman 2

Is there such a thing as the perfect pantyhose? We think so! Simply slip on this captivating and silk-y smooth pantyhose featuring a deco-inspired pattern at the backseam, and you're sure to agree! Control top. USA.

1. Hosiery Color Guide

Ever wonder what color stockings or tights to wear with that great dress or that new skirt suit you just bought? Never fear, here's a quick reference to help you match stocking colors with clothing colors.
  • Black hosiery is classy, elegant and slimming. It looks great in winter with darker clothing.
  • Grey is best with paler clothing because black can make you look bottom heavy.
  • Dark grey and silver hosiery go well with burgundy or pink clothes.
  • Navy goes with navy clothing, but it's not totally limited. A pair of navy stockings will also look great with silver or grey.
  • Skin-tone hosiery complements colorful summer clothes very well. As a general rule, you should always wear a skin tone that either matches your own or is a shade darker.

2. Hosiery Denier Guide

Now you've figured out how to pronounce the word denier, so what's it all about? What's the difference and how should you wear it?
  • Ultra-Sheer (less than 10 denier): these stockings will offer you the appearance of bare legs but you'll get the bonus of a little coverage. Be very careful when putting on ultra-sheer stockings, as they are delicate.
  • Sheer (10-20 denier): these stockings are stronger than the ultra-sheer and great for both everyday and evening wear.
  • Semi-opaque (25-35 denier): these will be even stronger than the sheer and will last longer, while still looking quite elegant.
  • Opaque (40 denier plus): these durable and long-lasting stockings are practical for everyday wear and offer added warmth in winter.

                                                   How to dress elegant and sexy
Collect simple, elegant jewelry. Add some beautiful, classic pieces to your wardrobe, such as pearl earrings, a drop pearl necklace, small gold hoops and a simple, elegant watch. Wear these simple, classic pieces even when dressed casually, to exude elegance at all times.
 Buy well-fitting, classic wardrobe basics. Pick up some structured basics, such as a knee-length skirt, a pair of pants, jacket, jeans, lingerie and a dress, all in neutral colors. These can be used to create a multitude of outfits that can be accessorized for different occasions. Focus on fit, quality and classic appeal so you can use these pieces over and over through the years. Spend for quality if you can: If it lasts a long time, it will be worth the extra money.
 Choose well-made, classic handbags and shoes in neutrals. Purchase a beautiful, high- quality handbag and shoes in neutral colors. Black is always a safe color that will go with most outfits. You can also choose neutral metallics or browns. Go for the business or casual dressy look for everyday, and delicate and pretty for dressy occasions. Make sure your handbag and shoes are not scuffed. Heels typically look dressier than flats. Try to find comfortable, heeled shoes in neutral colors that coordinate with your wardrobe.

 Pick a hairstyle that suits you. Go to a salon and get a hairstyle that suits your bone structure and is classic yet stylish. Look at magazines to pick a style that looks elegant and can easily be maintained. Practice different styles with your hair stylist so you can wear your hair differently for dressy occasions.
 Let your personality, confidence and inner strength shine. Inner elegance and strength of character contribute significantly to appearing and being truly elegant.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Only nice dressed woman

How to look elegant

1. Always stand and sit up straight. Did you ever notice how tall Klyie Minogue looks when she is caught on camera. Well, in reality she is only five feet tall. Of course the three inch spiked heels don't hurt, but Kylie stands up very straight, and holds in her stomach and walks like she has been practicing a great walk her entire life. While she may have been practicing a stellar walk since the age of 18, not only does she have star quality, but she stands like she is a star. Practice standing up straight by holding in your stomach and looking forward.
2. Wear clothing that makes you look good. Make certain that you know your correct size and stick to it. Don't wear clothes that are too small and will bulge out. That will makes you look anything but classy.
3. Wear clothing that has a certain timeless quality. You can wear whatever you want, just as long as it looks either like today's style or it has a style that never goes out of style. Did you ever notice the way Jackie O dressed? She dressed like she never left the 1960's. But the clothes she wore looked wonderful on her, and she created her own distinct style. She stuck with what she knew and it worked for her. So, even if you are still wearing yesterday's styles, more power to you, because today any era is in style.
4. Above all, get a haircut that looks great on you. You don't have to get the latest haircut if that means it doesn't work for your hair, or for your face and body type. Get a haircut that works well for you; that makes you look good. And if that means having your hair cut really short and having it three different colors; if it works go for it.
5. Looking classy and elegant ussually

Is there such a thing as the perfect pantyhose? We think so! Simply slip on this captivating and silk-y smooth pantyhose featuring a deco-inspired pattern at the backseam, and you're sure to agree! Control top. USA.

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My amateur legs tights model Nadezda and Julia

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