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                                                               How to Wear Flats
If you crave comfort when it comes to shoes, you'll be thrilled to know that flats are back in full swing. And whether they're trendy, classic, or somewhere in between, almost all flats look chic and feel fabulous. The only catch: It's hard to know how, exactly, to wear them. Here, our style rules for flat shoes:
Do choose current styles. For late summer and early fall, you can't go wrong with pointy-toed styles in patent or pretty-colored leathers; flats with metal details, such as buckles and grommets; delicate slingbacks; and feminine ballet styles with bows. Don't go grandma style, wearing shapeless flats with rubber soles in dreary colors -- go for black or brown flats only if they're on the trendy side!
Do pair flats with the right skirt length. Flats look best when worn with a shorter skirt (think an inch or more above the knee), since having no heel can make legs look shorter. Showing a bit more leg, then, gains that length back. Look for a skirt with the slightest flare, which adds a modern touch to the look. And don't be afraid, come fall, to pair a short skirt and flats with tights! Don't wear flats with long skirts. Wearing no-heeled shoes with a skirt that falls below the knee is a big mistake -- you achieve a frumpy silhouette.
Do choose your pants wisely. Flats are perfect for summer because they look so great with cropped pants and capris. That flash of bare skin between your shoe and hemline looks chic in a Jackie O. sort of way! Go for pants that are either straight-legged or have a tiny flare for the jauntiest effect. Don't go too long or tight with pants. Pants whose hems fall over the back of your shoe look sloppy with flats (but can be just right with heels). Be sure to hem your slacks so they just hit the top of your foot if you prefer your pants on the long side. And avoid very tight pants like leggings; the combination of flats and leggings went out with the '80s!
And a final do: Do feel free to fudge the flats trend by choosing a pair with a half-inch heel. Even the tiniest bit of height will make legs look longer and leaner, but still tap into the flats trend.


                                        Jean-Michel Cazabat Womens Murita Ballet Flat

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Example outfit with flats

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Seductive party outfit

Tips to Make Best Party Wear Combinations

Choosing a party wear is the most important preparation to get ready for a party. If you are able to make the right party wear combination, you can steal the limelight at the party venue. There are many choices available as party dresses and you need to consider a number of factors to choose the right one!

The online stores that update their collection of party wears are among the most preferred destinations to choose party wears in right combinations. Most of the partygoers prefer to visit dress stores that offer party wears from different parts of the world. As a result, one good idea is to choose the right online store to shop for party wears. Here is a discussion about other good tips in this direction. 

Choose According to Weather
Party wear combination works if it is in sync with the weather contitions on that particular day. A comfortable mini dress is an apt choice if the weather is warm. On the other hand skin tight party dresses are good if there is coolness in the atmosphere. You also need to choose the right color combination that serves the mood of the weather. For instance, black is a good choice for cold weather, light color dresses should give you the right comfort in summers.

Combinations According to Party Hour
There are specific party dresses for different hours of the day. Long gowns, for example, are ultimate party wears for evening as well as late night parties. A strapless mini skirt should be the ideal choice for noon parties. Likewise, you can find a number of possible combinations that fit particular hours of the day. 
Dresses for Different Party 
On the basis of the mood and occasion of the party, one can find three different categories of party dresses. These include formal, semi-formal and casual dresses. An office party should inspire you to wear a formal party dress. A dinner party is the occasion for semi-formal dresses. Casual party dresses are meant for the youngsters and teen-agers who wish to have a lot of fun from the occasion. 

Combinations that Suit Your Personality
An important factor while choosing party dresses is the type of personality you have. Women with different heights, body shapes and figures need to make the right choice among available party attires. Also, women with different skin complexions should choose dresses in colors that complement in an apt manner. 

Your budget may also be a factor while choosing the perfect party wear combination. However, you can look for party dresses in different price ranges on the internet and choose a dress that meets your budget requirements. Another important thing is to choose the right kind of accessories to make a party dress work for you. The accessories like jewelry, handbag and shoes must complement the party dress you choose so that you have an overall noticeable look. 

Begin your preparations to find a party dress in advance so that you have a lot of time to look through numerous online dress stores. Give your best shot to wear a stylish and comfortable look for your party.

                                           Example party look

My amateur legs tights model Nadezda and Julia

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