Wednesday, February 13, 2013

only elegant dressed woman

--> Elegant dressed woman

This outfit says simple, but bold.  The printed tights keep the outfit young, but the sophisticated lines of the outfit are classic.

Flaunt your legs with mini dresses and short skirts. A classic and stylish look would be the short bandage dress or long tank top along with lace tights. Indulge on sexy strappy high heels shoes or pointy black boots. Keep the accessories at a minimum because your legs will be doing all of the talking.

Tights leggings are great for formal looks. To create a formal and elegant outfit out of leggings and high-waisted shorts, I´d pair them with a trendy polka-dots silk-blend chiffon blouse, tucked-in. Leather loafer pumps are the new fashion-forward pumps, and they give more attitude to the shorts. Red leather clutch and red tear drop earrings just felt naturally perfect to complete this look.

   1 ) Bandeau black dress -Republic by Crafted     
               2&3) Belt & Tights - Primark  
         4) Camel trench coat-Dorthy Perkins
  5) Bag-New look
6)Christian-louboutin leopard heels- Ebay

This outfit  pretty much covers most of the trends this Autumn/Winter for example by showing the elegant side of the rock and roll trend. The nice bandeau black dress and the trench coat definitely fits the big must haves this season! As the little black dress and the trench coat are one of the most one of the most famous and popular pieces in the fashion world. Accessories and shoes wise I picked out some leopard shoes as they definitely match the rock trend and also add a bit more colour to the outfit as they match the black dress and the camel coat. Like i've said before the waist belt is a must have ,whenever you're wearing a bandeau dress , as they don't only show of your curves but it also allows you to add another colour the outfit. However if you're not a high heel fan you can always wear some leopard pumps with the outfit as you'll be able to still show of you're quirky look.

Classic A: Blue Seas & Sky:
Dress: ModCloth / Cardigan: ModCloth / Tights: ModCloth / Shoes: ModCloth / Purse: ModCloth / Hat: Forever XXI / Belt: ModCloth / Jewlery & Accessories: Forever XXI
I like the idea of layering this cardigan and dress together, since they both have this bib design around the neckline.  Also, blue and brown, mint and gold― this is probably my favorite color combination.
Classic B: Garden Party:
Jumperskirt: ModCloth / Blouse: ModCloth / Cardigan: ModCloth / Tights: ModCloth / Shoes: ModCloth / Purse: Forever XXI / Hat: Charlotte Russe / Jewlery & Accessories: ModCloth, ForeverXXI
I like to think of this outfit as an example of how to wear lots of colors all at once.  Or it just looks  like a lot of different colors.  Every color used in this outfit can be found in the embroidery on the cardigan, which is why this combination works.


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