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Stocking-sexy look with nylons stockings

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All about Stockings

A stocking is a close fitting, mostly elastic garment worn by women which covers their feet and lower legs. Also known as hose, Stockings could be knee or thigh length. For a layperson, stocking is a lot like socks, only longer and made in much finer materials.
Ordinarily, stockings could be held in place by the stretch fabric in which these are made. The upper band of the stockings is mostly in very fine thin silicon elastic, which resists slipping down the knee or thigh. Upper band could be plain or could have lacy designs, making them look ultra feminine. While choosing the ’stay up’ kind of stockings, try them on and see if these are too tight for you. In case, these are uncomfortably tight, they would leave a red mark on your legs.
Stockings could also be held in place by garter belts. A garter is a stretch band of fabric (mostly lace) worn at the waist, with clip-ons or suspenders which hold the upper portion of the stockings, keeping it in place.
Both the options of holding stockings in place are common.
As an outer wear, stockings are always worn with skirts or dresses. Stockings are great for covering blemishes and unsightly marks on your legs, they streamline and smoothen your legs and make you feel more confident of wearing styles which expose your legs. Words of caution though, ensure that the length of the dress or skirt is long enough so as not to show how the stockings are held in place. Unintentionally showing your garter suspenders or lace stay ups is tantamount to a fashion faux passé and avoidable at all costs.

Thigh-high stockings

These stockings reach the mid thigh and can be held in place by either of the above methods explained above. Great to wear under knee length skirts and dresses, these usually are found in the classic colors black, skin or white.

Lace top stockings

  • Lace top stockings are stockings which have lace at the top opening portion of stockings. Lace is added as a design feature and is mostly made of stretch soft fabric, which sits well at the legs. Lace edges could be smooth or scalloped. There could be numerous patterns of laces available in the market, choose one which appeals to you. These look great as a part of lingerie outfit.
  • Opaque stockings

    Opaque stockings are stockings which are made with fabrics through which skin does not show. These could be in solid colours or could be printed. While wearing opaque stockings, you could go wrong and overdress; in order to ensure you are not looking over the top, team these with solid skirts or dresses with not too much detailing on them. Solid stockings add an element of color and zing to an otherwise modest outfit.

    Sheer stockings

Sheer stockings are stockings which are very very thin and through which the skin almost shows. These are mostly made usually in 15 denier or lesser fabrics and lend an element of smoothness to the wearer’s legs. Great for masking flaws in your legs, they are a good bet if you have fat legs or thin and go well with all your outfits.

Fishnet stocking

Fishnet stocking is any stocking which has a mesh like structure on the entire length of the stocking. The fashion gurus suggest that any mesh which is bigger than 1/16th of an inch on wearing is inappropriate for formal office wear and should be reserved for pub outings or night outs with friends. The reason is simple; this look has been associated with frivolity and naughtiness and hence needs to be restricted for office wear. Fish net stockings come in a wide variety of colours – black, nude, and red being the most popular. Fishnets look great when worn with knee length skirts and even pencil skirts in ankle length. These looks could be paired with kitten heels, boots or even pumps. Pay attention to the skirt length, if it is any higher than knee length, fish nets could end up looking trashy.

Textured stockings

Textured stockings are stockings with some pattern or textures on them as a part of design. These could be made in all lace, may have embroidery on them, or could have some pattern like dots, diamonds etc. knitted on the fabric. Choose textured stockings in neutral colors such as white, black and nudes to add an element of zing to your otherwise plain outfit.

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