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Plaid skirt-sexy plaid skirt outfit

fashion pantyhose skirt dress high heels underwear WOMEN FASHION PICS!NO PORN!!!

                                                        MUST HAVE


- [ Products ] Wool Lycra texture sanding + woolen 
- [ version ] shape description fit 
- [ commodity color ] red plum , red , purple 
- [ products ] new package with a tag label bids received standard Water Wash 
- [ product size ] XL tile size as the different measurement methods, may have 2cm error 
- x Size L:: Shoulder for 41 Burst 98 Waist 88 Skirt Length 83 Hem 150 Ampit circle 46 cuff 26cm 
- 2x Size L:: Shoulder for 43 Burst 106 Waist 96 Skirt Length 85 Hem 158 Ampit circle 48 cuff 28cm 
- 3x Size L:: Shoulder for 45 Burst 114 Waist 104 Skirt Length 87 Hem 166 Ampit circle 50 cuff 30cm 
- 4x Size L:: Shoulder for 47 Burst 122 Waist 112 Skirt Length 89 Hem 174 Ampit circle 52 cuff 32cm 
- stretch fabrics in general, no lining , fabric comfortably warm , with the belt , between the high- collar black plaid distinctive , 
- version of the type of good, self-cultivation effect, this dress more casual . Style long , can cover the buttocks 

                 YOCO                                             TOKYO


- Materials: 65% cotton (cotton), 35% polyester (polyester) 
- 2. For drying , it is recommended to use low-temperature mode , high-temperature model could easily lead to clothes shrink . 
- 100cm = 3 feet = 1 meter, 1 foot = 33.3cm 
- the following sizes ( bust /Waist) by 2 is equal to a circle 
- Size : Size Free: 
- Waist: 12.5- 19 -inch (32-48.5cm) 
- Hips : 24.5 inches (62.5cm) 
- skirt Length : 13 inches (33cm) 
- inside : Yes, full-length inside 
- zipper : No , elastic waist band for the design 
- material thickness : medium 
- This item is in the back clipping 

                                                              YOCO TOKYO

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                                            How to Wear a Plaid Skirt

  • Pick your skirt. Do a mini or pick a knee-length. Plaid miniskirts can always look cute. If the mini is too mini for your tastes, wear it over opaque tights or leggings. Knee-length plaid skirts also work, as long as you downsize your top half with a form-fitting jacket or blouse. Don’t go longer than a knee-length plaid unless you want to look like you stole the kitchen tablecloth

  • 2
    Stay smooth. Wide pleats with plaid only work in the miniskirt arena. Otherwise, you are bordering on the librarian look. Wide plaid pleats are also apt to add unwanted pounds. Slim, A-line plaid skirts are stylish, as are simple plaid wrap skirts

  • 3
    Top the skirt with a surprising choice. A traditional expectation with plaid skirts is the boring old wool sweater. That will definitely get you a ho-hum look. Instead, top the plaid skirt with a tailored jacket over a tank top or camisole.

  • 4
    Stay in the same color family. Plaid usually has at least three or four different hues interwoven in the design, giving you a wide palette of color choices. The only time you should not match is when you are coupling a black and white plaid with, say, a red silk blouse.

  • 5
    Keep the top in solids, a subtle design or a print in one or two basic colors. You do not want to top a plaid skirt with a loud plaid blouse, even if they do have the same hues. Yuck. Opt for a solid color or something with a very small design, like tiny polka dots or subtle flowers, to match the plaid but not compete with it.

  • 6
    Find funky shoes. Plaid skirts work best with combat or other lace-up boots, clunky clogs or thick-soled oxfords. You can wear heels as long as they are chunky and thick. Don’t wear stilettos. Also skip the flip flops, sandals, penny loafers or saddle shoes with plaid.

  •                                            PLAID SKIRT OUTFIT

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