Friday, September 9, 2011

fabulous outfit

nylons and plaid skirt
dress and patterned pantyhose

 black nylons
Sexy girls in black opaque tights

Elegant teen in black dress and nylons

Teen in black pantyhose
Girl in black pantyhose

Girl in elegant dress and Pantyhose

girl in black stocking

Teen in plaid skirt and collored pantyhose
Girl in skirt and pantyhose

Group teen in pantyhose and nylons
Group teen elegant outfit in skirt and nylons

Long legs in nylons
Very sexy  in black pantyhose

Sexy outfit in black nylons and mini skirt
Prety skirt and pantyhose

mini skirt and red pantyhose

 skirt and nylons

patterned pantyhose
Very cute legs in pantyhose

opaque black pantyhose
Elegant teen in shine nylons

Two teen in black pantyhose


  • 1.
    Use a mild detergent. Any basic laundry detergent can be used when you clean your panty hose. The detergent should not contain bleach.

  • 2
    Turn the panty hose inside out. This will prevent any build up of lint during washing.

  • 3
    Place the panty hose in a panty hose washer bag. These bags protect the hosiery from becoming tangled and damaged when placed in the washing machine.

  • 4
    Put the panty hose in the washing machine. Use a delicate cycle to wash the hosiery and select a cold water wash. This protects the texture and the color of the hose.

  • 5
    Wash the panty hose by hand. You can wash them in your sink if you don't have a washer bag. Remove any hand jewelry and handle the panty hose carefully in order to prevent runs.

  • 6
    Dry the panty hose on a towel. You should not hang dry panty hose because this can cause the fabric to stretch. Panty hose should never be placed in a dryer.

  •  nylons and dress
    Two girls in paterrned pantyhose

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